Wire Drawing Machines

We design and manufacture wire drawing machines that process wires of various metal types and sizes from thick to ultra-fine.

IC Bonding Wire Manufacturing Machines

IC bonding wires, especially ultra-fine metal wires, play a crucial role in various industries today, by electrically connecting electrodes between semi-conductor chips and lead frames.

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Special Purpose Wire Drawing Machines

As our society grows into a highly sophisticated information network, businesses are required to respond to changing market situations more quickly than ever. Saikawa will stay aligned with the many various needs of our customers and provide them with the best quality products and services, as well as new product ideas and solutions.

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Rolling Mills

Saikawa has produced over 300 rolling mills for both domestic and overseas customers since 1992, when it completed the installment of a tandem line for FFC. Saikawa has expanded the rolling mill wire application to bare copper, stainless and metals over the years.

Rolling Mills for FFC Cable

Standard Machine (single rolling)

構成 主仕様
伸線機(M-13) 供給線 φ0.9mm – φ0.6mm
仕上り線 φ0.32mm – φ0.12mm
圧延機(E-100) 巾 0.8mm – 0.3mm
厚さ 0.1mm – 0.035mm
焼鈍機(AF-0) DC2Kw
巻取機(D-5) ターレット方式による自動切換え

Special Rolling Mills

Tandem rolling mills
Multi-wire rolling mills
The unit shown in the picture is a multi-wire rolling mill

Wire Twisting Machines

Optical Fiber Cable Manufacturing Machines

In 1971, the former Yoshida Industries started the development of an optical fiber cable machine to provide technical support to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, today known as Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT). Later, Saikawa took over the project from the former Yoshida Industries and since then has continued development by applying its proven technology and know-how to introducing new products.

Optical Fiber Cable Core Manufacturing Machines

Wire Drawing Machine
As the machine draws a cable core φ125μm, it double coats the cable.

Screening Unit
Screening pressure is auto adjusted in response to the speed.

Coloring Unit
Even coloring is ensured during operation at high-speed.

Winding Units
Smooth high-speed wire winding is ensured. Wire is unharmed even when unexpected machine stoppage occurs.

Wire Twisting Machines

Drum Twister Type
A spooling drum rotates at high speed.

Cage Type
Consistent twisting is ensured because of a rotatable drive cage.

LAN Electric Cable Manufacturing Machines

Machines for metal telecommunication wires. Yoshida especially excelled in the production of machines for 4 as well as 2 strands twisting and acquired a number of technical patents over the years. Saikawa inherited a rich know-how from Yoshida and we expanded on the acquired technical resources. Saikawa continues to improve our technology to better meet the increasing needs for LAN cables and electric wires used for high-speed transactions at higher frequencies.

2 Strands Twisting Machines

Wire Pay-Off Unit
Two types are available: Fixed and 100% back-twist (dancer equipped).

Supporting Haul-Off Unit
Twist tension is controlled by registered wire data.

Spooling Unit
Electricity consumption and noise reduction are realized by the use of double twist.

Operation Control Panel
Easy to operate and maintain via the touch panel display.

Wire Stranding Machines

Core Pay-Off Unit
Core and inclusion are supplied. The cross-shaped spacer compensates for wire twisting.

Pay-Off Unit with Twist-back function
Vertical and horizontal types are available with pay-off tension controlled by the dancer embedded inside.

Binding Unit
Both center and side types are available with consistent binding tension.

Taping Wrapping Unit
Both center and side types are available with consistent binding tension.

Haul-Off Unit
Cable is protected from crushes and scratches because of double wheel capstan.

Spooling Unit
Single twist type. Bobbin traverse with both bobbin ends supported.

Operation Control Panel
Easy to operate and maintain via the touch panel display.

Ultra-Fine Wire Manufacturing Machines

As information technology advances, the demand for more compact cable manufacturing equipment is increasing in addition to the increase in frequency associated with high-speed processing through digitization. Demand for extra-fine coaxial cable (mini-coaxial) is growing, with applications such as notebook PCs, digital video devices, mobile phones, and in the medical field. Saikawa will take Yoshida Industries’ technology and apply our ingenuity to continue to increase productivity and improve quality.

Single Twist Punchers (Two-Head type)

回転数 3000ツイスト/φ130mm(P-3)ボビン
線径 φ0.025mm – φ0.05mm(P-1)
線種 銅、銅合金(錫メッキ、銀メッキ、金メッキ)
撚本数 7本~多芯撚り(ロープ撚り)まで対応

Double Twist Punchers

回転数 5000ツイスト/φ130mm(P-3)ボビン
線径 φ0.025mm – φ0.06mm(P-1)
線種 銅(錫メッキ、銀メッキ、金メッキ)

Spiral Shielding Machines

回転数 3000rpm/φ200(P-10)ボビン
シールド線本数 40本
シールド線径 φ0.025mm – φ0.05mm
中心コア径 φ0.2mm – φ0.8mm
線種 銅、銅合金(錫メッキ、銀メッキ)

Tape Wrapping Units (Two-Head Type)

回転数 3000rpm/φ200(P-10)ボビン
コア径 φ0.2mm – φ0.8mm
融着炉 600℃(PIDコントロール)

Custom-Made Machines

In an era in which rapid response to changing markets is required as advanced information technology advances, Saikawa provides reliable product service, new product development and proposals to meet changing customer needs.

Flat Wire Drawing Machines


Inlet Wire Diameter φ0.96mm – φ0.5mm
Finished Wire Diameter 0.64mm _ 0.5mm _ 0.35mm
Machine Speed Max. 260m/min

Brass Wire Continuous Drawing Machines


Wire Type Brass (EDM Wire)
Inlet Wire Diameter φ1.2mm – φ0.6mm
Finished Wire Diameter φ0.3mm – φ0.15mm
Number of Dies Max. 21
Wire Drawing Speed Max. 1500m/min
Capstan Type Ceramic Ring
Speed Reduction Rate 15%
Spooling Method Auto Change Bobbin Type
Winding Bobbin P-5, P-10 etc.

Catalogue for Brass Wire Continuous Drawing Machine (PDF)

Pipe Straightening Machines


Wire Material Aluminum pipe
Pipe Diameter 30mm – 24mm
Piple Thickness 1.5mm – 0.71mm
Machine Speed Max. 60m/min
Main Motor 5.5kW * 4P * 2units
Number of Rolls 11
Roll Adjustment Upper roll: 0.75kW * 5 Servo Motor
Lower roll: Manual

Respooling Unit for Fine Wires


Wire Material All fine wire types
Wire Diameter φ0.1 – φ0.05mm
Number of Wires 3
Respooling Speed Max. 300m/min.(Uniform wire speed)
Supply Bobbin P-4L DP-15 DP-25
Winding Bobbin P-1 P-3 PL-3GR PL-5GD P-5
Main Motor Pay-Off: 400W inverter motor*3
Spooling: 200W inverter motor*3
Traverse: Stepping motor*3
Traverse Type Bobbin traverse
Uniform pitch control Spooling Control
Dancer control Inquires about our products


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